The Parable of the Lost Wallet…

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If you know me well enough, you know that I’m notorious for being very absent minded of the whereabouts of my keys, my wallet, and my phone. I have this little turret’s syndrome-esque tick of patting myself down like airport security. Around January I lost the wallet, and for the first time was convinced I wouldn’t be seeing it any time soon. I looked every where! I literally set a whole Saturday aside to search for it. Not to mention that of all the times I ever lost my wallet, it wasn’t until now a T.V. commercial for LIFE-LOCK came on that I realized Identity theft was a real-life crime that can happen and doesn’t have to go down like the Cage/Travolta flick “Face-Off”.  I was losing sleep! I filed a police report and could totally tell the cop was in the middle of a sudoku puzzle saying ” Can you give me your mobile number again?” I also got one of those credit fraud alerts activated.  While all this is going on my mind does it’s thing of thinking the worst possible scenario of, some dude finds it and spends every dime I have, maxes out all my credit cards, gets a hole punched in and redeems the “free quizno’s sub when you buy 6 overpriced subs”, applies for a job I didn’t know I could get that pays more than what I do, and finally moves out to his posh palace in Nepal under the guise of ” the artist formerly know as Mike Valentin.” To further fuel the angst, fantasies of me just happening to be window shopping at the Macy’s where this guy is doing his after the holiday’s shopping. I catch a glimpse of my terrible license picture (I look like one of al quaeda’s top 8), and make my way over to the register where i just stare at him… no words… This fantasy finishes like a Tarantino flick so I’ll leave out the details, flash backs and profanity. But I will say it would’ve been a cult classic.

It’s about 3 weeks since losing the wallet, and I’ve already made progress on restoring the “New” wallet. Nearly decent license picture this time. And for the occasion I’ve upgraded from Camouflage-Velcro, to Genuine leather and money clip (which I never use… I forgot what real cash looks like. You call it cash I call it debit.) But my mind still not at ease. I kept having those evil thoughts and worst case scenarios double features in my sleep. One think I know is I never want to go through this again. Here we are now in April.

Beth and I met up with our friends Dalli and Daniel on the “Links” (Golf Course, for the lesser players such as my self) last weekend. All was going well, the golfing it self…eh..let’s just say if we were equating golf skills to types of felines, Tiger being the best… I was about on par with a Garfield. So about 8 holes in i give my self the pat down… And the clouds opened up and I could kind of hear God doing that tongue to back of the teeth sucking and shaking his head as if to say, ” He we go again.” Nine times out of ten I would’ve flown off the handles, and the Mike that I try so hard to not let people see would’ve made his special guest appearance. I kills me to know that the people who know me best (family, really close friends), see him every once in a while. But God has a way of throwing a curve to life’s statistics. He’s this unchanging variable to my algebraic life… He’s my “solve for ‘Y’ (Why.. get it?). My tenth go at this was going to be different. As Beth (my unending source of accountability-she can’t count how many times I screw up, but can give you a rough estimate) drove the cart around starting from hole 1, I actually consulted the Lord before opening a can on the world. I was to the point where i couldn’t be “HULK SMASH” angry… but quiet in humility. My prayer, as combed through the fairways and heavy rough, “Lord, I’m making a decision to not do what you know I want to do. I come to you asking only that YOUR will be done. I thank you for bringing me this re-trial, with your sole purpose to teach me, not just about being more careful about where I keep my belongings, but more importantly to meet me in a place where I’m on the fence of falling into sin. Help me to deal with my anger. Whatever happens Lord, you will get me through as you always have. I even forgot to thank you for getting me through the last time we had this problem. Help me Father…” 

We get to whole six and Beth; who I’m pretty sure was surprise to see that i haven’t broken any of my clubs like Bo Jackson breaks bats, says, “Is that it over there?”. And I had that child-like emotion of one half hope and one half “NO ITS PROBABLY A STUPID ACORN.” Sure enough, It was my wallet! I couldn’t believe it! During the cart ride back Beth says, “You’re just happy you found your wallet aren’t you?” And I shake my head and smiled yes. She was wondering why I was soo quiet through the whole ordeal, but she didn’t know I was having a meeting with Jesus, while she was doing her searching from the cart. I had a feeling of…”did that just happen?” Much less the wallet… but a ” did I just go through the majority this trial without fisticuffs and F-bombs?” (I say majority because I may have muttered a quick combo of *&#@! and !&@#* upon realization of losing the wallet). They say the tongue is a double edged sword, mine more or less resembles a hand grenade. To me this was big!!! Anyone can say, “well yah Mike that’s just one time you gluttonous heathen!” To that I say, ” I shall give credit, honor, glory and kudos when and where It’s due, so don’t spoil this victory for the me and the Lord….you hypocrite.” At the same time I do realize it’s just one of the countless battles in this war of the flesh, but I can ultimately wrap up this conflict in the end as long as I keep my eyes on Christ… and maybe my wallet.


My Top 10 Video Games of 2007

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“Quit now and – CAKE – will be served immediately.”

– GLaDos from Portal “The Orange Box” 

2007 was quite the year for video games to say the least. The 4th quarter saw release after release of Next Gen consoles’ most highly anticipated titles. The industry was hot as ever, the proof is in the hole it scorched through your wallets! YOWIE! So if you’ve got time (a good amount), or if you’re not opposed to using your laptop while on the toilet dropping the dirty deuce, here is this VG junkie’s (semi- in depth)  personal top 10 games of the year.

10. nba2k8cover1.jpg NBA 2k8- Its official, we have a hoops game dynasty. For the past 2 years, 2k Sports has put out the superior b-ball game. This year is no different. Since dethroning EA’s Live series, (which is steadily showing improvement) the NBA 2k titles have found the sweet-spot in game-play to satisfy those who want the fun of an arcade basketball game, and those who want a realistic sim experience. With an imroved post game, off-the-ball controls, slick animation visuals, and new “black top mode”, this is the best hoops game there is. Now if they can only find a way to make the Clipper’s Chris Caman  look more like a human…he gives me nightmares.

9.stranglehold-cover-xbox3601.jpg Stranglehold- John Woo and Chow Yun Fat once again join forces to bring you  non-stop, double fist-ed, slow motion, dove floating, shoot-em-up action. This time in the long awaited video game that’s supposed to be a sequel to the 92′ legendary action flick “Hard Boiled.” The game plays like a better Max Payne game, and playing as Inspector Tequilla is infinitely much cooler. Slightly shallow storyline and repetitive gameplay (enter room, kill 8 dozen baddies, repeat) but never short on fun! And if you’ve never checked out Hard Boiled (or any early Woo/Fat films), do so, you’ll never want to hold just one gun.

8.cover1.jpg Assassins Creed- A game that seem to polarize the game review media, I too was a bit torn as to what to think of this title. The hype surrounding Ubisoft Montreal’s “magnum opus” is ironically what set it up for its apparent shortcoming. I personally found this  ambitious (maybe overly ambitious) title not only enjoyable, but immersive. (Spoiler Alert),You play as Altair, an assassin in the year 1191, your mission is to kill 9 head figures who are propagating the crusades. The sci-fi twist is you are actually playing through the genetic memories of a young bartender named Desmond Howard who is being held captive by an underground science syndicate hell bent on world domination. Tell me that’s not an awesome premise. The game’s flaws rears its ugly head in the form of very repetitive game-play, a “cliffhanger” ending, and the fact that we wont be seeing the next installment for a long…long…time. Still a solid 3rd person action/stealth game. And Jade Raymond(Producer) is a cutie!

7.250px-uncharted_drakes_fortune_cover1.png Uncharted: Drakes Fortune- One of two titles that were worth buying this year (the other-Ratchet & Clank FTOD- i have yet to play). I’ve played almost all of the Tomb Raider titles, and I have to say that Uncharted seemed to best all of those games in seemingly every department. Graphically this game is gorgeous and shows what the ps3 is capable of. The action elements are polished and is one of the few games that get both the shooting and hand to hand combat right. The platforming is as good as any in the genre while the story and characters never come off as an afterthought. This Indiana Jones-esque action title is a must play for any ps3 owner. No time for lovin’ Dr. Jones…Play Now!

6.skate_cover_3001.jpg Skate- It’s been nearly a decade since the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. Having played every TH title (and every other skate game for that matter ie. Skate or Die, Thrasher etc.) with exception to the Wii spin-off (Tony Hawk’s Down Hill Jam), It was becoming clear we needed a new take on the genre. Enter EA’s Skate. A game that ousted gimmicks that were wearing out their welcome on TH games. Gone were the scavenger hunting for secret tapes, gazillion point combos, ridiculous story lines and just about everything that doesn’t have to do with skating. Skate aimed to revolutionize the way we play skateboarding games, while staying true to its bare bones namesake. I found the new “flick-it” control scheme very intuitive. Easy to learn and hard to master, kind of like real skating. Everything from the opening movie sequence, the line-up of great skaters you’ve probably never heard of (including my favorite Mike Carrol.), to the sense of accomplishment of grinding a single handrail, the game just comes off as authentic. The irony is that we were seeing tid bits of these features throughout each succession of TH games. It just all never came together until now in the form of Skate. Also the ability to film your sessions and upload them online is genius! Such a breath of fresh air. Sorry Birdman, but there’s a new skate game king, and this could be the closest any of us posers will get to becoming a good skater.

5.orange_box_3601.jpg The Orange Box- Hands down the best deal in video game history (it says so on the back of the box). 5 great games that can easily be sold as individual titles, all on 1 orange disc! A special treat for me, being that I’m not a big PC gamer so i missed the original Half-Life and its sequel a few years back. And the Half-Life’s  port to the original X-box didn’t do it justice. In a market flooded with first-person shooters, Half-Life 2 holds up very well since its debut in 2003. Dubbed a “thinking man’s shooter”, the physics engine and overall gun-play mechanics are still better than half the other FPS games out there. You will never ever forget the first time you shoot the gravity gun. Then you get the episode 1 and episode 2 games. Episode 2 stands out of the pack with completely revamped visuals and a wide open out in the wilderness environment. Then you get the multi-player fragfrest Team Fortress 2.  I personally didn’t get to spend too much time with this one. But the few chances I got to play, I found it to be very entertaining. The character classes, and cartoonish visuals are what make this game stick out from other multi-player FPS games. And then you get my personal favorite of this box, Portal. In my opinion, this is the most innovative, original and flat out fun puzzle game I have ever played. The portal gun is a brilliant concept. Highly addictive, with excellent and hilarious scripting (The GLaDos character is one of the greatest personalities in gaming history). This first person action puzzler seems to forge a genre on its own. My only gripe is that it was over way too soon. The game itself seem to be a beauty behind the vail, showing just enough of itself for you to admonish its sheer potential to be something even more beautiful. I can’t wait for the next portal installment!!! The Orange Box is a no-brainer! Have your cake and eat it too!

4. (Tied) rockband.jpg  Rock Band  cover_large1.jpg Mario Galaxy- In order to keep this a top 10 list, a tie was ineludible. Developer Harmonix (the creator of Guitar Hero) have given us the ultimate party game. Rock Band ups the ante on rhythm game peripherals by including in its package three exceptional pieces of hardware, a guitar, microphone, and a drum set. The guitar(or bass), which is a replica of a Fender Strat, features  2 sets of fret buttons, larger ones for chords and simple lines, and a smaller set in the higher register for solos, or someone with baby fingers. The “clickless” strumbar is functional if not a bit on the flimsy side. And a pick-up toggle switch that changes guitar effects. The microphone is exactly what you’d expect it to be, and they even added the ability to tap the mic in sections of the songs that have percussive elements like clapping and more cowbell. The Drum set is the showstopper of the bunch, and is hands down the most impressive piece of video-game hardware since The PowerGlovefor the NES j/k. I was amazed at the quality and build of the drum set. It even comes with a foot pedal and a pair of drumsticks. I can say with confidence that anyone who can successfully play a Rock Band song with the drums on the expert difficulty, should’nt have too much diffulty holding it down on a real drum-set. The game experience itself can be summed up in the fact that when played with a group of 4 friends, it feels less like playing a game, and more like you are really rocking out in a real live band. My RockBand  is named M-Town, and we are currently on a world tour. SAY IT AINT SO WHOAOOHWHOAH! Mario Galaxy, in my humble opinion is the 2nd best Mario Game ever. My All time favorite remains Super Mario Bros.3. A game, that even to this day comes close to videogame perfection. I had the pleasure of playing through this game with my signifigant other, Elizabeth (a fellow VG junkie). We are still on the quest of obtaining all 120 stars! Galaxy is 3d Mario in rareform. Visualy stunning (on the Wii no less)! Everything from the “that’s so Miyamoto” art style,  the cast of characters both old and new, while the new outer-space theme (hence Mario Galaxy) come together wonderfully and fully realized. The gameplay is platforming at its finest! The smaller planet-like level styles may not be as big and explorative as those in Mario 64, but they are no less brilliant, and the scope of hopping from one planet to another is spectacular. Boss battles are inventive without being frustrating and cheap. The game’s controls also make good use of the Wii-mote and nunchuck. A co-op feature is also available in the form of a friend using a second Wii-mote to point and click to help collect stars and stun enemies. As simple as it sounds, it’s actually quite fun. Mario Galaxy without a doubt is the very best game on the Wii system, even taking the top spot from Zelda’s Twilight princess. Mamamiya!!!

3.(Tied) halo-3-20070608110351253-0001.jpg Halo 2 cod4_cover11.jpgC.O.D 4 :Modern Warfare- Yet another tie on my list. Halo 3 marked the biggest selling release of any video game this year. The final installment in the Halo trilogy returns to finish the “finish the fight”. Only the fight is still going on, and will be for many years to come. Halo 3 doesn’t re-invent the genre, or make other FPS games obsolete (it’s tied on my list with another), as much as it takes a formula that’s been successful in previous installments, and build upon it to create one of the best online multi-player experiences ever. Im not a super Halo fan-boy, I’ve casually followed the single player story, and still to this day am not totally interested in the trials and tribulations of Master Chief. So all I can say about the single player campaign, is that it is what it is. But as far as online multi-player goes, lets just say as I write this im already contemplating about the ranked team slayer pwnage that will take place with me and my co-workers…TONITE! Besides a total graphical upgrade, the best additional feature is Forge! It’s basically a create-a-mode that lets you manipulate a map and play in it to your hearts content. The mode’s possibilities are endless, I managed to stacked 8 warthogs on top of one another and shoot it with a rocket launcher all by my lonesome…my impending delight was inexpressible. Halo 3 stood as the reason to own an Xbox 360, but read on and you will see why there are at least 3 more. Call of Duty 4 marks technically the 3rd installment (COD 3 was developed by Activision/Treyarch) from the critically acclaimed studio Infinity Ward. There is no prettier, polished, and finely tuned FPS on the market. The visuals have to be seen, to be believed, and above all it somehow manages to run at a full 60 frames per second!!! Seeing this game in action is just mind blowing. The biggest change in this game is the most obvious, a jump from the dead horse beating that was WWII based games, into the modern warfare of today. Basically M-1 Garands are now replaced with M4A1s equipped with SOPMOD packaging and so on and so forth. The single player campaign is like playing through an actual war movie. The story itself is generic, but still manages to keep you interested. What’s crazy is how the game’s setting finds a way to get your emotions attached in a different way than other games do. We’ve gotten so used to storming the beaches of Omaha, and fighting the German Nazi war machine that if if history were to repeat itself, the war would be over in a weekend’s time on behalf of anyone who has ever played a WW2 themed Shooter . Now we are playing as characters who are fighting in a “fictional” near future war, that’s a splitting image of the conflict we are currently in. More than half of the game you’re playing as Sergeant John “Soap” Mactavish, a member of the British SAS 22nd Regime, doing battle in Russia. The other portion you’re playing as Sergeant Paul Jackson, a member of the USMC’ s 1st Force Recon deployed in the Middle East. Needless to say Sgt. Jackson’s campaigns hit close to home, and I know this is just a video game, but these levels go lengths to show you that War is Hell! The endless barrage of bullets whizzing past your head, the deafening roar of allied air support from above, the detonation of frag grenades at your feet, and the emphatic bedlam of the enemy make this experience not only eerily realistic but edge of yours seat exhilarating! One level that comes to mind is the one where you play as a gunner on an AC-130 Gunship. The whole screen is in an ominous gray-scale, and the enemies scurry out as herds of white, glowing silhouettes. Your job is to smoke the terrorists out of the town while doing the least amount of collateral damage. Just watch any You-Tube videos of the AC-130 and you’ll see what I mean. This game also has arguably the the greatest single level in any shooter in history. In “All Ghillied Up.” (without spoiling too much), you basically are playing as a sniper in a Ghillie suit, on mission to prevent the proliferation of nuclear material from Cherynobyl. This level combines the the best in stealth and action ever seen in an FPS. I could go on about the online experience, which is nearly flawless! The character class, and customization options are deep, the visuals dont take a hitch from the single player mode, and it all runs at 60 frames per second with almost no lag! According to Microsoft, at this writing, as far as online gaming goes, C.O.D. 4 is the game with the most players online. It even made Halo 3 take a backseat to the number two spot. Looks like Master Chief is riding shotty for the time being. But if you like shooters, both of these games are a must have. On a side note I was there (Game Crazy) at midnight wating for my pre-ordered copy of Halo 3 and at one point was last in line standing in a bush while listening in on countless kids plans of not showing up for school the next day. On the side of that note… I showed up for work. Lucky Shmucks…

2.Bioshock Bioshock- At numero dos we have 2k Boston’s Bioshock. To tell you the truth, early on I wasn’t overly excited about this game. Even after reading countless, previews, glancing over heaps of screen shots, and even seeing vid caps of in-game action, I still wasn’t completely sold. Not until August 12, 2007, when the down-loadable demo became availabe on X-box live. That very same day after playing through the demo just one time… I was at the Game Store pre-ordering a copy. I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t find the setting and story to be appealing at first. But it was that very benightedness that set myself up to be blown away by this marvelous game. Bioshock takes place in the year 196o in an underwater dystopian city known as Rapture. During your exploration of the game you learn that the city was a creation from the mind of business tycoon Andrew Ryan. He believed he had the solution to a world of political, and religious authoritative oppression. The solution was Rapture. It was to be inhabited by the world’s elite in the various fields of science, industry, arts, etc. In this world there would be no absolute morals, or ethics to restrain the minds of foregoing frontiers deemed taboo to the world outside the city beneath the sea. Ergo the games central theme of Objectivism. (Andrew Ryan… Ayn Rand… See the connection?) This game boasted of a “morality-based” story line and an immersive environment. And it delivers. I could write for days just telling you about the characters and the plot twists and turns, but I won’t. I will tell you that in Rapture they were able to develop Stem Cells from a certain species of sea slug in which became know as ADAM. The abundance of ADAM lead to rapid advances in genetic engineering. Everything from cures for diseases to telekinetic powers could be obtained from ADAM.  This ultimately upset the social balance of the city, and eventually War broke out leaving the city in ruins, inhabited by “Splicers”(humans with severe mental and physical problems due to an excess of ADAM) and Big Daddies and Little Sisters.  The game is captivating from the first 5 minutes of the in which the airplane you are aboard crashes into the middle of the ocean and you finally make your wat to the city of Rapture. The graphics are top notch (best water effects I’ve ever seen in a game), and the art design and direction are soo original. Everything from the Art-Deco architecture, to the sound of old 40’s and 50’s music playing from phonographs, and the extraordinary voice dialogue, it all comes together to create a fascinating world to behold. The game is a first person shooter (what a surprise), that actually has some RPG elements to boot. You have the abilty to use, upgrade and combine not only weapons, but special powers that you gain from obtaining ADAM. Powers (aka Plasmids) like telekinesis, fire and ice from the fingertips, and bolts of electricity shot from hip. It’s up to you to find the best way to defeat your enemies using these abilities. ie. I saw a group of three splicers standing in a water puddle, so I used the electro-shock plasmid to shoot the water which in turn fried the splicers, I also made sure to finish them off with anti-personal shotgun shells (total overkill) before they hit the ground. The moral choices come in the form of your “need” of ADAM. It without a doubt makes you more powerful, thus making the game a bit easier, but are you willing to sacrifice a young “human” girl’s life (Little Sisters) to get it. Little Sisters were engineered to carry, produce, and collect ADAM from the dead. Or do you tough it out and let them live? Well even if you wanted to go ahead and get what you came for, you have to get passed the Big Daddies (the giant scuba diving dude with the giant drill for an arm)  whose sole purpose is to protect the Little Sisters. Those battles alone are epic! Being the nice guy I am, I naturally saved the Little Sisters, but managed to kill a number of Big Daddies anyway (the ol’ shoot n’ loot).  The only let down if any in the game, is the fact that towards the end, the plot starts to disconnect it self from the deep, established through exploration, literary story-telling. And turns into a  mindless gung ho action flick – especially the final boss encounter-. WTH!!!(H -is for heezy) But even this “payoff” doesn’t spoil the fact that this game is a rare gem. One that sets a standard for erudite storytelling that stimulates the mind, game-play that challenges the thumbs and asks other games the question, “Who’s your Big Daddy Now?”

1.Mass Effect Mass Effect- Whether you’ve read every single word of every little review I have written so far (Respek), or if you’ve just scrolled to the bottom to see number 1 (*tear*), just know we have finally arrived. My # 1 game of 2007, Bioware’s Mass Effect. Bioware is no stranger to RPGs, they are the team behind Star Wars:Knights of the Old Rebublic (KOTOR…one of very few ventures into the Star Wars Universe-sorry not a big fan, but the game is amazing) and Jade Empire. To tell you the truth, RPGs aren’t my favorite type of games, I tend to play only the Genres cream of the crop (consoles only, no handhelds) and in my opinion Mass Effect is THE very best RPG I’ve ever played. Also note that I’m not too big on the Sci-Fi thing either. I get especially angry when G4 airs Star Trek Episodes. Sorry Trekees… I think Star Trek sucks…Space Balls, is a  hilarious movie though =P. But if there is anything that could get me to reconsider, It’s Mass Effect. I wont go into details about the story. In short,(unavoidably geeky as possible) You play as Commander Shephard (Male/Female), and you are trying to track down a Rogue Spectre named Saren and stop him from seeking and gaining aid from an ancient galactic threat known as the Reapers in order to destroy all organic life as we know it. This threat is mere “legend” in the eyes of the council (kind of like the UN of alien races) , and Shepard has to constantly plead his case of Saren’s involvement and the actual imminent danger of the Reapears. In the world of Mass Effect the Humans are working on becoming a member of the council- to gain a foothold in the society as a relevant, acclomatory species-, and the council appointing Sheppard as a the first human Spcectre (think the CIA of the Galaxy) is a huge step in that direction.UNITYYY! You start the game by customizing your Sheppard… Back story, gender, ethnicity(skin hue and saturation), hair etc. Next you select you character class (Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Infiltrator, Sentinel and Vanguard), and then off you go. My first go at it , I picked to be me…”Mike” Sheppard, an earth born soldier, bred from a family rich in military hisorty. In Mass Effect, you have the ability to choose to be a paragon (good-cop), or renegade (bad cop) through choices and decisions you make in the game. These choices not only affect your character, but it also affects everything and everyone else. Some choices are menial and task driven (help an evangelical figure obtain a permit to preach in public), some are weighty, and morally equivicol (exterminate an entire “harmful” human race with the push of a button). These choices do wonders for replayabilty, as you wonder,”what if I had done this differently?” The majority of these choices are made through the ingenious  scripting and story telling. Which brings me to my next point, all of the games dialogue is fully voice acted… and is done so brilliantly(Some of the voice talent include Keith David and Seth Green). What used to turn me off with most RPG games or any game for that reason, is doing more reading than playing. The pacing of this game is on the money too. This isn’t a typical turn-based RPG, it’s all real time action. And as a third-person shooter, it plays great. Getting back to the voicing, it’s this feature for me that got me hooked on the story. You grow a connection to the other characters, which makes you ultimately care about the decisions you make. You could spend hours in this game not even playing, but just chatting it up with everyone. The dialogue is controlled with the analog stick, as you select a response from the dialogue tree. On my first trip through, I selected the more “admirable good guy” responses, always out to help others, a somewhat of a push-over. Currently I’m playing as a female, “Hilary” Sheppard, who’s not only smoking hot, but is the galaxies queen “B”. Renegade doesn’t even begin to describe her. Every remark she makes is condescending and spiteful. She’s Great! And That’s what makes this game soo incredible. While many games aim to be stellar in game-play, they fall short in the saga department (*cough*Gears of War). Games like Mass Effect, and Bioshock, are beginning to start a trend that seems to build great game-play on top of a captivating, conceptual story-line. Which is why if you ask me… Metal Gear Solid for the PS1 remains my all time favorite game of all time (that game had it all!) But even Mass Effect, my #1 game of 2007, isn’t perfect. It is also 2007’s buggiest and giltchiest. The texture takes a bit longer than usual to load in and it’ll look like the game’s graphics are getting better before your very eyes. The frame-rate struggles like a chunky kid in a 24 k marathon. Characters get stuck behind walls, and sometimes certain buttons don’t even work. These are problems that probably could’ve been corrected if the game had a little more time to cook in the oven. And while the sound serious, they actually do little in hampering this amazing game. You tend to be able to overlook these problems when you take a step back and think of just how massive of a game this is. Had this game been on an older console, it probably would’ve fit on 3 or more discs. How ironic being that this game is slated to be the first of a trilogy, and one that will see its end on this console (Xbox 360). Very awesome indeed! Chances are you will still be playing this game well into ’08.  It’s that deep! This is not only my favorite game of ’07, but It definitely is up there as one of my all time. I’m still not a space-geek… but I haven’t felt this way about celestial sci-fi since my first ride on Space Mountain. Mass Effect is massively effective fun! Did I forget to mention that this game also featured one of the greatest songs ever!  

There you have it, I hope you enjoyed this read. But believe me you will enjoy picking up one of these games even more. 2007 was a great year for gaming and 2008 is shaping up to be not so shabby itself. We’ve already kicked off the ocho with the years first must have racer title Burnount Paradise, and Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4.  And let us not forget about the game that was actually scheduled to come out last November now scheduled for April 29th… Rockstar’s GTA 4. Game on!

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Allow me to be the first to say, “well ellow der chap!”. Make a fist and place it against your monitor, that’s a virtual pound since we are now officially new buddies!  Thank you for stumbling upon my very own and very first blog. You may have been google-ing famous cereal slogans and ended up here, but i hope you stay a while. I feel like i just walked into a party way later than fashionable, but this is something I’ve always been intrigued by. I have a myspace, and the blog function was one I never used, but I’ve always been into reading the happenings of others who did… everyone but me it seems. Vince Marrotte loaned me his laptop in  order to work on designs for the church, and I ran into word press while trying to check my email. He is an avid blogger and I remember him always mentnioning this place. The rest is history. So reader(s)- dare i say – join me in my episodic rambling once in a while, you may learn something… or maybe just hear some crazy story that happened at work in which case you will learn nothing. It’s my blog. Mikey likes it, and hopes maybe you might like it too…